For anyone who struggles to produce high-converting ad ideas.

For anyone struggling to produce high-converting ad ideas.

$150M Advertiser Jhori Remington Reveals:

8100+ Proven Ad Ideas For Your Next Creative Test

8100+ Proven Ad Ideas For Your Next Creative Test

Use the Endless Ads System to produce 1000s of high-quality ad concepts in just minutes.

Trusted by some big names:

Greeting, traveler!

My name is Jhori Remington. Better known as The Lord of Ads.

The first thing you should know about me is I do not have an MBA or even a formal marketing education.


If your #1 goal is to quickly & reliably launch ads that can spend $100,000+ without fatigue...

Then this may be the most important message you ever read.

Because the one ability I do have is to easily, quickly and reliably create 'Unicorn Ads'.

That is:

Ads which dramatically increase ROAS and scale.

Ads that though they don't always look fancy, they don't take much work to produce.

Now — right here on this page, you will discover how you can quickly create thousands of 'Unicorn Ad' ideas yourself, by using a unique & different method I call the Endless Ads Systems.

My Endless Ads Systems doesn't rely on:




Instead, it works by combining:

What you already know about your product.

What the world's top advertisers know about winning ads.

To date, the Endless Ads System has produced over $150,000,000 in profitable sales for my clients.

But just a couple years before all that...

I Almost Gave Up On Facebook Ads… :(

I was tired of:

Feeling ashamed every time I launched another round of ads that didn't convert for my clients.

Feeling like I was constantly one month away from being fired by my clients.

Staring at a blank page and feeling the pressure build up as I desperately searched for the next winning ad.

I was tired of hearing some arrogant guru tell me to just target broad and "make better ads".

And he was right.

My ads really did suck.

Even though I worked hard on them.

Even though they "looked good".

My ads looked good on the surface but they were almost always lacking one of the 4 ad ingredients.

So they were doomed to failure. Except for the occasional lucky strike.

Thankfully, that was forever ago!

Fast Forward To Today And I've Proven The Endless Ads Systems Over And Over Again With Millions Of Spend!

It enabled me to help Steve Harvey capitalize on his existing brand, to generate an estimated ~$6M from $3M in ad spend.

~$6 Milllion

Estimated Revenue

$3 Million

Ad Spend

Campaign Platforms

It allowed me to help Miracle Brand triple their revenue and grow from $20M a year to $70M+ a year.

~$70 Milllion

Estimated Revenue

$15 Million

Ad Spend

Campaign Platforms

It's also allowed me to help Dr. Kellyann earn ~$30M from $18M in ad spend, in the hyper-competitive weight loss niche.

~$30 Milllion

Estimated Revenue

$18 Million

Ad Spend

Campaign Platforms

The best part? It took very little time to generate ad ideas for these clients, thanks to the Endless Ads Systems.

And now it's your turn to...

Duplicate My Entire Endless Ads Systems For Just $17!

The Endless Ads System helps to produce up 8,100+ quality ad ideas per ad concept in minutes without the use of AI. Just pick your favorite and test it!

(That's less than $0.01 per ad idea!)

What is the Endless Ads System?

The Endless Ads System is my unique and counterintuitive method for generating thousands of high quality ad ideas for any business in just minutes without AI.

Rather than struggling for ideas or doubting yourself, the Endless Ads System quickly gives you confidence in your ad ideas.

Instead of hoping your ad will work, all you have to do is combine what you already know about your product, with 4 proven ad ingredients that work across every industry.

I've tested it over and over again for my own clients, across millions of spend and dozens of industries. Now you can duplicate my system by getting the Endless Ads System for just $17.

It Works For Businesses Of All Sizes In All Of The Following Niches & Verticals


Local/Brick N' Mortar

Real Estate

Social Media Marketing/PR


Professional Services






Influencers/Personal Branding


How come I'm so confident?

The Million Dollar Idea Behind The Endless Ads System

A lot is changing right now in the world of ads.

Facebook & TikTok are constantly updating their ad algorithms.

If you're following along, you'll notice almost every major update gives the algorithm more control, and the media buyer less control.

Tactics like interest targeting, lookalike audiences, retargeting don't work like they used to.

Which means that nowadays:

The only way to succeed is by uncovering high-converting videos and images for your ads.

That means you have to test a lot of ad ideas.

And moreover, a lot of quality ad ideas.

This might sound hard. Until you realize that:

All The World's Top Advertisers Are Playing With Their Cards Face Up!

Thanks to the Facebook Ads Library, you can spy on literally anyone who's running ads on Facebook.

That includes advertisers spending millions or tens of millions a month.

It also includes your top competitors.

If you spend enough time following their creative tests, you'll notice patterns.

You can see:

What hooks they're using to get attention.

What formats are working.

What call-to-action is generating the most clicks.

Which is how I discovered:

The Simplest Way To Generate Hundreds Of Winning Ad Creative Ideas For Any Niche!

Through intense study of the Facebook Ads Library, I discovered one exciting fact:

The top performing ads were all made of just 4 basic ingredients:

Medium: The type of asset you’re testing, or the format.

Style: The production style for example educational, vs dramatic demonstration.

Caption: The text that appears on your creative.

Heuristic: The cognitive bias your ad makes use of.

















Combined with what you know about your product and market, thse basic ingredients are enough to make thousands of successful ads.

But only if you get the elements right.

Now, it takes a lot of time and effort to uncover these winning elements . It personally took me hundreds of hours.

Which is why:

I Put Together The Best Performing Ad Ingredients Into The Endless Ads System

Here's how it works:

Step #1: Take My Winning Ad Elements

I've already done the hard work for you, by giving you 47 proven styles, captions, heuristics, and mediums that can be mixed and matched to create 8100 unique ad concepts across a variety of niches.

Step #2: Combine Them With What You Already Know About Your Product Or Service

When you get inside the Endless Ads System, you'll discover how to easily turn your existing knowledge into powerful ad angles.

It's so simple, that if you can name one benefit of your product, you can do it.

All you have to do is combine your existing knowledge with the 4 Ad Ingredients, and you've got thousands upon thousands of quality ad ideas.

Step #3: That's it!

Now all you have to do is pick your favorite ad concept, test it, and enjoy the results.

What's Included:


The 30 Ad Styles that are proven to convert today (with examples)!

Put your best performing ads into these mediums and get another 5 chances to unlock a new winning ad.

How a gym junkie businessman gave the world an extra ad concept.

The "One Profile" mistake that makes winning ads fail (and how to solve it).

Stack the odds in your favor by playing on these 5 high-converting cognitive biases.

The Endless Ads System for creating 8100+ ad concepts by "remixing" proven ads.

A simple trick to make the Endless Ads System work for any niche. (Hint: if you can name one benefit of your product, this trick is for you)

(That's less than $0.01 per ad idea!)

You're Also Getting These High-Value Fast-Action Bonuses:

Fast Action Bonus #1: The Paid Ads Round Table

Once you are using the Endless Ads System, you'll have no trouble generating thousands of great ad ideas. But sometimes you might want a second opinion.

That's where the Paid Ads Round Table comes in.

It's my community for paid ads marketers. I'll be inside, right there in your corner to help you succeed. You can ask me anything about ads. Plus, there'll be a bunch of other great marketers inside.

You may be wondering, if it's so valuable why am I just "throwing it in" with your purchase?

Because you'll become one of the founding members. Right now I'm looking for a critical mass of members who'll give the Paid Ads Round Table an honest review.

After that, I'll close the doors and make it pay-to-win for new members.

Fast Action Bonus #2: The Meta Media Buying Masterclass

Once you've found your next "unicorn ad" using the Endless Ads System, you'll need a system to scale it.

I've seen so much bad advice in Youtube videos and other paid courses. And frankly? And the lack of quality disgusts me.

That's why I'm giving you my Meta Media Buying masterclass at no extra cost.

There's no need for hacky strategies that involve "interest farming", "invisible list building", or "tickling the pixel".

If you employ the solid fundamental strategy inside this masterclass, you won't just maximize your chances of success, you'll also save a ton of time and effort.

(That's less than $0.01 per ad idea!)

And If That's Not Enough... Your Purchase Is Covered By The 365-Day "Hate My Haircut" Guarantee

You'll soon see that this is the world's best guarantee. But first we need to talk about something uncomfortable.

I intend to increase the price of this offer some time in the near future.

If we're being honest, $17 is a ridiculously low price for a system that gives you 8100+ ad ideas in minutes.

But I get it.

Maybe you still have your doubts. Maybe it sounds "too good to be true". Maybe you just don't think that you'll use it right away.

The "Hate My Haircut" Guarantee makes your decision easy.

If you get the Endless Ads System today, you have a full 365 days to decide if it was worth it. That means:

If you find that you didn't use it as much as you hoped...

Or that you weren't absolutely blown away by the value...

Or even if you don't like my haircut...

If you weren't satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just send an email to You'll get a full refund, no questions asked. Plus you can keep the Endless Ads Systems and all bonuses, free of charge.

How's that for the world's best guarantee? I'd say pretty good!

(That's less than $0.01 per ad idea!)



Who is Jhori Remington again?

Jhori Remington is an experienced media buyer and creative strategist who has managed over $70M in ad spend at an average 2.1 ROAS. Well known clients including Steve Harvey, Dr Kellyann, Brandon Turner and EA Sports have trusted him to run their ads. Unlike many advertisers who prioritize interest targeting, Jhori focuses almost exclusively on the biggest needle-mover: high performance creatives.

I want this, what exactly am I getting?Is this for me?

You are getting the Endless Ads System, which is the secret sauce that helps me generate thousands of quality ad ideas in minutes.

The endless ads system is delivered in video format. You will get the proven ad elements that are proven to work across a variety of niches, which you can mix and match to create 8100+ unique ad concepts for your business.

You'll also discover how turn what you already know about your product into powerful angles, which is what allows the Endless Ads System to work in every niche.

If you get it today it also comes with two bonuses:

1. Paid Ads Round Table, where you can ask me anything about ads and connect with my network of paid media experts.

2. The Meta Media Buying Masterclass, which will give you complete confidence when scaling your Facebook Ads account.

How is this different from all the other stuff out there?Is this for me?

This is not a "how to run ads" course. This is my standard operating procedure for coming up with thousands of high-converting ad ideas, fast. You are duplicating my system that's helped generate $150M into your business for $17.

Does it work for TikTok, Twitter, YouTube ads? Or just Meta?

I have personally used this system successfully for Tiktok and Meta ads. Because the endless ad system helps with creative ideation, there's no reason why it won't help you for YouTube and Twitter.

I have a small budget. Is it for me?

Yes! Most of the creative styles I share do not require a big budget to make, and many of them can be made using free online tools.

Who is this for?

Anyone who runs ads, but wants a little help coming up with high-converting ad ideas.

How do I get access?

We'll email you the access link shortly after you join.

Is there a cost to this?

$17 for the Endless Ads System which allows you to generate 8100+ ideas for your product or service. Which if you do the math is less than $0.01 per ad idea. If you don't want to pay $17 for this MASSIVE value, I really have no solution for you.... just one good idea could change the trajectory of your business.

Is there any kind of guarantee?

Yes. You are covered by the 365-day "hate my haircut" guarantee.

If you get the Endless Ads System today, you have a full 365 days to decide if it was worth it.

That means:

✅If you find that you didn't use it as much as you hoped...

✅Or that you weren't absolutely blown away by the value...

✅Or even if you don't like my haircut...

If you weren't satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just send an email to You'll get a full refund, no questions asked. Plus you can keep the course and all bonuses, free of charge.

How do I get started?

Click the blue button below!

(That's less than $0.01 per ad idea!)